What Is Lillie & This Mystery Woman Up To?

While simply being the fans we are and scrolling through Lillie’s facebook page we found this message in a comment section:

Lillie Nicole Mccloud “Thank you Angels. God is a friend . I’m so thankful for every opportunity to praise his name through song. Ms Excelina Ordonezina I’m thrilled to be featured as a supporting actress in your movie Bad Actress. I haven’t told my fans yet but I will be speaking more about it soon.”

Being the diligent team that we are ( not nosy or anything just minding the business we are supposed mind…ya know!) we decided to go see this Ms Excelina Ordonezina’s page as well. 

WE FOUND THIS! Now we pride ourselves here at #TNM for doing our jobs and focusing solely on the need of artists….. and um, FANS! We weren’t exactly given permission to share the juice and we may have to take this down. But, never say we don’t get the news out!


Excelina Ordonez.   Thats who she ism but what exactly do they have cooking in this beautiful girl power team up!? They just LOOK like they are up to something.

One source leave this quote speaking about the mysterious Excelina; “You gotta love a woman who’s passionate about what she does and peruses her dreams. An actress starring in her own movie. She’s a Superstar! #Bad Actress”

Well I guess we will learn more about all this soon! Make sure to subscribe to the website for updates!

“I’ll keep snooping around. ( well not really snooping, I mean its my job! right?) Love2U”- Lady Rayne

  1. Willie Rodriguez

    Congratulations Lillie on 3 movie deals

    Reply - July 9, 2017 at 1:23 am

    • feliciamccloud_61292wfw

      Giving thanks that you reached out! Contact Lillie Directly via the contact page located in the website 🙂 or on FB! 🙂

      Reply - August 20, 2017 at 3:18 am

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